Update History

PortalStep Notes

This is an optional webpage. This page is used to keep track of all website changes made on this website. If you do, your staff will be able to see what has changed since the last time they visited. If you do not communicate the changes somehow, the staff will not know when new or revised material is available to them.

The references below are only examples of how the update history is tracked on the TenStep.com website. You can eliminate these references and track the changes in whatever format makes sense. 
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This page contains a history of what has changed on the website, along with the change date, over the past 12-24 months. If you visit the site and then come back later, you will be able to tell what content has changed from your last visit.

27 January 2014

Added "Mail Manners" to the Management Corner Library.

20 January 2014

Added "Five Secrets of Opt-In Email" to the Management Corner Library.

13 January 2014

Added "Haute Couture!" to the Education Corner Library.

6 January 2014

Added "Effective Training Can Be a Continuing Learning Experience" to the Education Corner Library